Terms and Conditions

Terms and Warranty

General terms

The customer hereby authorises service and/or repair work to be done as described in the quote either written or verbal and subsequent warranty work with the necessary materials and labour to be charged at regular prices.  The customer’s vehicle or boat may be moved by Southern Mobile Marine & Automotive Repairs for purposes of testing, inspection or delivery at the customer’s sole risk.

The customer agrees that Southern Mobile Marine & Automotive Repairs will not be held responsible for loss or damage to the vehicle or boat or articles left in or on the vehicle or boat in case of fire , theft, accidents or other causes beyond the control of Southern Mobile Marine & Automotive Repairs Pty Ltd and releases them from “care, custody and control’ upon being notified vehicle or boat is ready for pickup or that the work has been completed.  The customer further warrants that the vehicle or boat is insured.


The logos displayed on Southern Mobile Marine & Automotive Repairs website, are purely to demonstrate and give recognisable visual effect to the different outboard engines that we are able to service and repair.  We are not authorised dealers of these brands.

Quotes and pricing

Work undertaken by Southern Mobile Marine & Automotive Repairs Pty Ltd is based on a quote/estimate written or verbal that has been approved by the customer.  All estimates are subject to the accuracy of information provided by the customer.  If the customer is aware of ANY issues at all he or she must inform Southern Mobile Marine & Automotive Repairs Pty Ltd in writing or verbally about all of them prior to a quote or estimate being issued before the work has commenced.  If there are any additional problems found by Southern Mobile Marine & Automotive Repairs Pty Ltd we will inform the customer and the work will continue after a verbal or written approval.


Our labour rate is $90.00 an hour plus gst.

Our call out fee is based on the distance travelled from Vincentia NSW

  • Up to 30 km – $90.00 + gst includes first half hour of labour
  • 30 klm + – $140.00 + gst includes first half hour of labour

Service and repairs work will not commence unless the quote is approved.


All invoices are COD or bank transfer and MUST be paid in full upon completion of the work.  There will be no exceptions, invoices are due upon receipt and become past due 3 (three) days after the date of the invoice.

If Southern Mobile Marine & Automotive Repairs Pty Ltd, is forced to take action for collection of any undisputed outstanding balance, the customer agrees to pay for all collection and/or attorney costs and fees.

All work over $1,000 or needing major material and parts purchases, require a 100% on parts.  For jobs lasting longer than one week, weekly progress payments will be required to cover expended costs.


Southern Mobile Marine & Automotive Repairs warrants all repairs and installations for one year from the date of the invoice or 20,000klms in the case of vehicles, whichever is sooner.  Any parts that the customer supplies are not warranted.  Parts that Southern Mobile Marine & Automotive repairs Pty Ltd, supply, are covered by manufacturer’s warranty.  We carry out all work with due care and skill and all the parts and the materials supplied with this work are reasonably fit for the purpose and the work is checked by our trained technician at the completion to make sure this work is at a satisfactory level.  However if the work cannot be verified at the completion (eg water testing where might be necessary for a boat) it is the customer duty to test as soon as reasonably possible.  Not using the boat or vehicle for a long period of time, will not be an acceptable excuse therefore the work should be verified by the customer after completion.  However if a problem should arise or you are not completely satisfied with the quality of the work performed please contact Southern Mobile Marine & Automotive Repair immediately as we reserve the right to perform any warranty repairs resulting from the work we have previously billed during the warranty period and we will not pay for warranty repair provided by third parties.  Southern Mobile Marine & Automotive repairs, must be given first chance to repair and work performed by any other repairer other than Southern Mobile Marine & Automotive repairs Pty Ltd, will void all warranties.  Warranties are not transferrable.

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