Frequently Asked Questions

How often does my boat need servicing?

For outboards and inboard engines, most manufacturers recommend servicing every 12 months or 100 hours of operation.  It’s important to perform regular maintenance to help prevent costly issues into the future.

How often does my car need servicing?

We recommend following the manufacturers guidelines for your make and model but at least every 12 months depending on the usage or at least every 10,000 kilometres.

How often should I have my trailer looked at and/or serviced?

You should always have the wheel bearings and a regular light check at least annually.

 What items are typically inspected when servicing my vehicle?

Generally all hoses in cooling system are pressure tested, drive belts, wiper blades, lights, brakes, suspension and steering components, check for oil leaks, coolant leaks, check all fluid levels, spark plugs, air, oil and fuel filters and cabin filters where applicable.

What items are typically inspected or replaced when servicing my boat?

Generally steering system, cable or hydraulic where applicable, battery condition, spark plugs, fuel filters, oil filters, water pump impellers, gear box oil.

How do I arrange payment?

We have an EFTPOS machine which allows payment via credit and debit card, we also accept cash and bank transfer.

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